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Publication: Urban Inequality and Vulnerability in Mumbai, India

The journal of Climatic Change published an outcome from our PIRE efforts by Patricia Romero-Lankao and Josh Sperling at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado, titled “Examining Urban Inequality and Vulnerability to Enhance Resilience:  Insights from Mumbai, India”.   Abstract Understanding how households, … Continue reading

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What environmental policies could preserve the Taj Mahal?

What environmental policies would be most effective in preserving the Taj Mahal? PIRE researchers Raj Lal (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ajay Nagpure (University of Minnesota), led by PIs Ted Russell and Anu Ramaswami, teamed up with colleagues IIT-Kanpur to solve this puzzle, … Continue reading

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How can the largest nations in the world develop smart, healthy, and sustainable cities? Workshop in New Delhi, January 11 and 12, 2016

Transforming infrastructure to make cities smarter, healthier, and more sustainable was the topic of a workshop in New Delhi, India on January 11-12, 2016. International experts from policy and academia looked at ways the U.S., China, and India can address issues of … Continue reading

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Workshop on ‘Sources of Environmental Pollution in India’ at IIT Kanpur on October 25-26

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur held a two-day workshop on ‘Sources of Environmental Pollution in India: The influence of Municipal Solid Waste and Biomass Burning on Air Quality and the Microbiome of the Ganges” on October 25-26. This workshop was … Continue reading

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Discoloration of the Taj Mahal due to pollutants

Written by: Raj Lal (Georgia Tech) In this project, we have looked at pollutant deposition to the surface of the Taj Mahal and its subsequent discoloration. Through the course of this work, we have: Developed on-site MSW burn inventories in … Continue reading

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Waste Burning and Air Pollution Study by University of Minnesota and Georgia Tech in the Headlines

PIRE researchers conducted the first major urban environmental field study on waste burning in Indian cities. The study by dr. Ajay Nagpure, advised by prof Anu Ramaswami of the University of Minnesota and in collaboration with prof. Ted Russel of … Continue reading

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PIRE Faculty and Students Host Workshop at National Academy of Engineering

This August, PIRE faculty and students hosted a workshop at the National Academy of Engineering in Washington DC. The focus of this workshop was on “Urban Infrastructure Transformations in China, India and the US: Connecting Local Priorities with Global Carbon … Continue reading

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