RCN Sustainable Cities Winter 2015 Student Workshop

The RCN Sustainable Cities Winter 2015 Student Workshop will be held March 27-31 (Friday -Tuesday), 2015 at Florida State University. The focus will be on Urban Social Equity and Urban Farming. The RCN is seeking new members for our group and workshop, specifically graduate students and postdocs with a shared interest in our topics. Additionally, new group members will help shape our future topics and work products. Joining our RCN is a commitment to contribute to work products both during and after our time at FSU. Workshop travel expenses are funded by the RCN.

Those of us in the RCN have really enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate on creative projects with other early-career people from other institutions, and we’re excited about this opportunity to grow our group.

If you are interested or have any questions email Eric Svingen (sving007@umn.edu) and Kate Wassel (kathryn.wassel@gmail.com). Include information about your program (e.g., research group / university / advisor), any connection you might have with the RCN, your research interests, and especially a few sentences about why you’re interested in joining our workshop and what you’d like to get out of it.

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