Starting in Minneapolis

Written by Kangkang Tong

Happy gathering

Happy gathering

Learning the Chinese culture has been the most interesting part for me during the pre-trip training session.  Learning Chinese culture sounds crazy for me, because I’m from China, but it turned out to be beneficial. It was very interesting to learn Chinese culture from western perspective. The understanding of how westerners think about Chinese culture does improve my understanding of both Chinese and western culture. Besides, it is my first time to do intercultural development assessment. My first reaction to the result is where I am on the road to understand U.S. culture. The assessment and cultural learning were beneficial to me as a Chinese student living in the U.S.


Organizing our thoughts

Reflecting on the framework

Reflecting on the framework








I feel that group activities have gone well. Our group work started with student norms. The first day of working in the group helped us to get to know each other more. On Wednesday we got to know the Chinese faculty and students that we will be working with through a video meeting. The meeting on Wednesday proved: globalization is not easy, and technology does help! Making the long story short, we have a happy start in Minneapolis.

Panel discussion with faculty with faculty and Chinese partners

Panel discussion with faculty with faculty and Chinese partners

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